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As an immigrant fron Southern Italy, Salvatore Grimaldi had the american dream in mind. In 1982 he was able to pursue this dream and finally open a business of his own: Zesty Pizzeria.

Over the span of twenty five years Zesty serviced all of the upper east sides' appetites from breakfast to dinner, Zesty was the upper east side go to for whatever your size appetite was.


With the development and growth of the upper east side, Zesty found itself having to make the same commitment: establish itself once again in a new location in the same neighborhood that helped it grow from the beginning.

A new Generation.


In 2014 the project for the new and improved Zesty was officially underway. Salvatore knew this would be the perfect opportunity to give a modern spin to an upper east side classic.


With his son Stefano now part of the project this partnership would provide the perfect blend of tradition and ingenuity in a neighborhood that was constantly evolving.



New Beginnings.

In June of 2015 Zesty Pizzeria & Salumeria officially opened its doors. With a perfect blend of the traditions that made the original successful, and an updated selection to cater to a new generation of customers, Zesty Pizzeria & Salumeria is officially here to answer the call of upper east side residents!


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